15 maio 2007

Como Proteger a Propriedade Intelectual

Como Proteger a Propriedade Intelectual

Este artigo "Protegendo a propriedade intelectual nos módulos de aplicação do AutoCAD" (Título traduzido) fala em como proteger a propriedade intelectual nos módulos de aplicação do AutoCAD, como o LISP, ObjectARX, VBA, VB6, .NET

Protecting intellectual property in AutoCAD application modules

The VBA component embedded in AutoCAD allows password protection of DVB files (see the Protection tab on the Project Properties dialog in the VBA IDE). This password protection uses standard encryption to lock away source code from prying eyes. I understand that cracking tools are available for protected VBA modules, but there is no secret back-door – my team occasionally gets asked to help access source code stored in protected DVB files (as the person working on the code left the company without telling anyone the password for the module – or at least that’s what we’re told :-). Ultimately there’s nothing we can do to help in these cases, unfortunately. The cracking tools that are available seem to work on a brute force principle – they will cycle through possible passwords until one works – so if you want to really protect your code I’d recommend using a nice, long password.

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